DXB Pump launch range of smaller high pressure pumpsets and electric driven wastewater pumpsets directly for pump hire markets

Based around both Stage 5 emission compliant engines and IEC4 premium efficiency electric motors, DXB Pump & Power have expanded their range of pumpsets specifically for the pump hire markets with the launch of the GI140/70 and DE200/100 pumpsets for the construction and general industrial markets such as petrochemical and oil & gas.

Incorporating the market leading Cornell 3HC Redimprime pumps in both models, the GI140/70, is a lower powered general purpose pumpset capable of a maximum flow of 180m3/hr and maximum pressure of 8 bar operating at a very economical maximum 1750rpm from the Deutz TD2.9 55kw engine.

With a six-inch (150mm) suction and  three inch (80mm) discharge, it fits directly into the highly demanded general purpose three inch pump market but with a substantial increase in performance of around 30% in flow and head of around 15% all at Best Efficiency Point (BEP) from only a 45kw Stage 5 engine or electric motor.

David Sterling, Lead Design Engineer with DXB Pump commented…

The new compact GI140/70 was designed around a strict design remit that limited our overall size canopy to our DXB3 which has proved incredibly popular with the construction and equipment hire markets due to its quietness and low fuel burn design reducing emissions and pollution.

He continued “…by designing this pumpset to operate at a maximum speed of only 1750rpm, our design team have ensured that the pump operates in the most fuel efficient region below 1800rpm, minimising fuel consumption enabling the pumpset to have the lowest carbon and NOx output of any similar sized 80mm pumpset on the market.

The pumpset is built with the in-house designed DXB control panel and telemetry that enables the customers to optimise its operation on site but at the same time allow the organisations to closely monitor its safe use throughout any hire contract whilst on site regardless of location in the world.

Matt Flack, a founder and now the Director of Operations at DXB Pump & Power commented…

Our new 1300m2 factory meant we could fast track the design and development of our two new 80mm pumpsets immediately after the launch of our hard iron pumpset and 560kw GI700/160 the largest high pressure pump now on the market.

He continued “Ensuring that the GI140/70 operated on the TD2.9 engine with less than 55kw meant we could use an engine with output characteristics that ensured smooth and reliable operation on site in temperatures of more than 40 degrees ambient without overheating or having DPF issues that would be seen with smaller canopies and DPF’s mounted on top of the engine in the canopy, a common problem we have seen in our research of the market.

The number of 80mm pumps are also expanded with the launch of the top of range DE200/110 pumpset from DXB Pump which combines the 6X3 pump from Cornell with the Deutz TCD3.6 105kw engine in the same canopy configuration whilst maintaining a high ambient capability through the use of its highly successful “HotBox” canopy design.

In the design, DXB have mounted not only all the exhaust aftertreatment technology in a separate canopy section, the company has also ensured that the standard fit, spark arrestor is mounted in the same region as well, removing all the hot exhaust components from the inside of the canopy completely.

This design enables even the 105kw unit to have the highest ambient temperature capability in excess of 40 degrees whilst allowing the EAT components to rise to 600o Celsius during the regeneration process as part of its standard 500 hour service.

With features such as the telemetry, air-shutdown valves, ATEX spark arrestors and ActiveFuelTM filtration systems fitted as standard on all DXB Pumps, the company has squarely targeted the premium end of the 80mm pump market with its products where downtime and lost hire revenue is considered more important than initial purchase price or lower rental rates, much like the very successful SS300/70 hard iron pumpset which was launched earlier this year and has now seen over thirty pumpsets sold into the UK and European markets alone for the geotechnical customers now using this pumpset.

Dave Rodgers, Director of Key Accounts for the DXB Integrate, sister hire company of DXB Pump commented…

The SS300/70 pumpset has been an outstanding success for our own hire business as well as our partners since its launch at Hillhead this year where we even took sales orders on the stand.”

He continued “Combining the Deutz 3.6 engine with a wear-resistant pump meant that customers in the Geotechnical hire markets such as drillers and piling companies can now rent a pumpset capable of over 60l/sec flow rates at 6 bar and have zero wear on the pump that other hire companies have to charge damages for at the end of the contract.

The customers used to have to pay an end-of-contract damages invoice for wear that often amounted to thousands of pounds additional costs because the other three inch pumps were built in ductile-iron that wore excessively in only weeks on piling applications such as those seen on HS2 or Thames Tideway, with the launch of both high pressure and wear resistant pumpsets, customers can now clearly choose the correct pump for the application without fear of hidden costs on top of our great hire rates.

DXB Pump & Power operate from their brand-new factory in Ipswich in the UK with the ability to build up to thirty Stage 5 and electric pumpsets a month. The company is the only British owned pump manufacture with a complete range of Stage 5 emission compliant pumpsets capable of flows up to 2500m3/hr and pressures of over 20 bar in standard build configuration specifically designed for the hire markets of Europe and the USA. 

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