DXB Pump & Power launch the largest tier 4 final “clean” engine portable 12” pumpset in the us

DXB Pump & Power the youngest UK pumpset manufacturer, has launched their new 12” Tier 4 Final emission compliant portable pumpset for use by organisations such as quarries and mining companies for high volume pumping jobs, especially in times of wet weather and rising water levels.

The pumpset designed completely in house by DXB Pump & Power integrates the world class Cornell high flow pump and a Scania 13 litre 300kw engine to develop over 7500usgm flow rates whilst still passing solids up to almost four inches often seen in open lagoon conditions.

Packaged in a sound attenuated canopy with integrated four point lifting and optional hook lift skid, the pumpset will be the highest performing 12” pumpset on the US markets with 400hp Tier 4 Final  engines, making it ideal for organisations that require pumps large scale dewatering and flood control as seen in some US sand and gravel quarries near waterways.

The pumpset contains some unique features to DXB Pump & Power including its own in-house telemetry systems that allows quarries, rental companies and DXB Pump itself to monitor the performance and health of the engine and pump 24 hours a day anywhere in the world including the ability to send urgent communications to all parties concerned.

Containing over 1000 hours of research and development, Simon Ruffles, Managing Director of DXB Pump & Power believes that the DXB team have developed a market changing piece of equipment that lays the foundation for large, environmentally friendly pumpsets in the US, assisting industries such as quarries and mines to achieve lower carbon emissions in 2020 especially those that currently have older equipment.

He said “The implementation and use of Tier 4 Final engines is a massive leap forward for the pump industry in the US in terms of reducing environmental pollution such as noise and exhaust gases. We spent many long days and nights developing this pumpset which will be the foundation of our large pumpset offering in 2020 with an 18” pumpset using the same engine also being launched in February 2020.

The pumpset operates only at a maximum speed of 1700rpm, which is one of the lowest points on the fuel burn curve enabling the pumpset to offer the highest tonnes of water pumped versus gallons of fuel consumed and has an output equivalent to around six smaller six inch pumpsets used today in the US.

Like any large plant, the user and owners will see large savings in operational costs and fuel consumption by moving swiftly to Tier 4 Final that far outweighs the minor inconvenience of adding DEF at the same time as diesel when the tanks need topping up, just like haul trucks and front end loaders on site.

With new tanks available from DXB Pump as well, with combined DEF/Diesel tanks in units that weight less than 5000lbs, these pumpsets used in conjunction with these modern tanks, mean that companies can pump  high volumes of water over extended periods resulting in some cases, pumping 300,000 gallons or more of water in a weekend between tank fills- this is unheard of in the UK but probably seen in the USA but it really uplifts productivity and reduces costs substantially for rental companies and users alike.

DXB Pump & Power Limited is the newest UK pump manufacturer founded in 2017 by its family shareholders to design and develop the most advanced portable pumpsets in Europe. Since its founding the company has designed and built over fifty large pumpsets for customers in the UK and the rest of the world in application such as wastewater bypass, mine dewatering and many types of quarry applications.

The company is privately owned and operates through international distributors and will be entering the US pump market in Q1 2020 with the launch of its entire range of Tier 4 Final pumpsets using the Cornell pump.

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