DXB Pump to launch two new pumpsets at Hillhead Quarry Exhibition to drive its expanding stage 5 product growth

DXB PUMP, the UK’s only British owned specialist pump manufacturer with a complete range of Stage V and electric pumpsets, are expanding their range of dry prime dewatering and slurry pumpsets with the introduction of two new pumpsets at Hillhead Quarry Show.


At the very top of their Stage 5 range, the company is introducing the new GI700/160 which will not only become the most powerful of quarry dewatering pumps in their range, but also the most powerful of any UK pump manufacturer for dewatering and slurry pumping.

Powered by a Scania Stage V DC16 engine which is supplying 500kw of continuous power at an economical 1800rpm, the company has designed two pumpsets for the deep quarries which have high levels of groundwater inflow and heavy rainfalls as seen in the west of the UK in Wales, England and Scotland.

The GI700/160 offers quarries the highest performing 150mm (6 inch) dewatering pump offering maximum flows of over 700m3/hr and heads of over 175m at its maximum. However, the engineers at DXB have optimised the performance to offer between 600-700m3/hr at 16 bar allowing quarries to specify standard 200mm diameter PN16 hoses and not burn additional fuel overcoming excessive friction losses in the dewatering system reducing further, the carbon footprint of operating this pumpset on the quarry.

By optimising the performance they are able to achieve these results running at 1800rpm one of the lowest points on the engine fuel burn curve which means the mines and quarries will have the best possible ratio of fuel consumed for total cubic meters of water pumped.

The second model in this canopy the company has designed using this engine, is the higher flow GI1000/120 pumpset using the same canopy/engine combination but with a larger Cornell 12×10 pump end for those higher flow requirements seen in the wettest mines and quarries often struggling to do the application with a single pumpset from other companies.

All the DXB7 pumpsets with this Scania engine configuration will be controlled by the in-house designed DXB control panel and telemetry systems allowing for the user or quarry manager to monitor and control the pumpset from their phones or desktop computer remotely as well as ensure the pumpset shuts down when not needed saving fuel and maintenance costs on the quarry or mine.

In addition to the sophisticated control systems, DXB Pump has also included the Fuel ActiveTM fuel conditioning systems for ensuring only the best fuel reaches the engines. Designed and manufactured in the UK, the Fuel ActiveTM system has become increasingly popular on quarrying equipment in the UK for reducing downtime due to contaminated fuels. 


At the other end of the product range, DXB has designed and is now manufacturing the new DE250/15e pumpset which is one of their smallest units for dewatering but now offered with premium efficiency electric motor rather than Stage 5 18.5kw Deutz engine.

Designed on similar lines to its popular engine driven unit, the new pumpset keeps the same control panel and telemetry system but these now control a state of the art integrated variable speed drive motor complete with a simple 63A socket on the side of the pumpset allowing for swift and easy installation without an electrician.

Built in the same canopy as the engine driven unit, the pumpset comes with the same features such as four wide doors for easy service, heavy duty Cornell pump with the Cycloseal seal protection system as well as the controls enabling operation and monitoring from a computer or phone on site.

All the DXB Pumps are now manufactured in their new factory located in Suffolk with over 12,000 square feet of production space, testing facilities and offices. The company which was founded in 2017 by Simon Ruffles and Matt Flack, offers a complete range of pumps and solutions to the UK quarry markets and has grown to over twenty employees now and even has a sister company DXB Integrate based in Nottingham offering temporary hire solutions using the DXB pumps and accessories such as hose, pipework and training.

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