Stage 5 emission compliant pumpsets to hire

DXB Pump owners launch a new specialist rehire company, DXB Integrate, to supply a brand new range of Stage 5 emission compliant and electric portable pumpsets to rehire partner The owners of DXB Pump & Power, the UK’s newest pump manufacturing business is launching its new specialist pump hire company with a focus on rehiring the company’s brand new Stage 5 emission compliant range of pumps to the European pump hire markets. Designed around ten sizes of pumpsets, all of which are sound attenuated and fully bunded, the entire range of Deutz, Scania and Caterpillar powered pumpsets will offer 18.5kw to 750kw powered pumps capable of pumping high pressures, high flows and slurries all using the Cornell range of Rediprime pumps from 50mm through to 600mm in size. The vast proportion of the new range of pumps from 18.5kw to 225kw will be powered by seven new Deutz engines from the 2.2 litre normally aspirated engine through to the TCD7.8L6 six cylinder 225kw engine which powers some of the most powerful high pressure pumps available from DXB. The new range is extended out by Scania engines from Sweden that are supplying DXB Pump with the 300kw 13 litre and finally the 400kw 16 litre engines for some of the companies new large flow pumps such as the recently launched 300mm and 450mm pumpset capable of flows of over 2800m3/hr, well beyond the performance of any other rental company fleet in the UK. Finally, DXB Integrate will fleet some highly specialised pumpsets with the CAT C18 and C27 engines again in Stage 5 emission compliance for high pressure applications such as the new DXB DE700/160 and DE1000/150 which is a new 8X6 and 10×8 pumps from DXB Pump that outperforms all other single stage high pressure portable pump from a UK supplier complete with the 560kw and 700kw Caterpillar engines, all mounted in a sound attenuated package complete with spark arrestor and air shutdown valves from its UK supplier. Commenting on the launch of the new company, Simon Ruffles, Managing Director of DXB Integrate said, “There is a large demand for a specialist pump hire company that can offer high pressure and high flow solutions to larger partners around Europe that already offer an integrated rental solution to end users, but perhaps are missing some specialist pumpsets. We plan to fill that niche for them.” He continued, “Our business strategy is not to work with end users but with pump and plant hire companies that already operate in the market such as petrochemicals, oil and mining but need to have access occasionally to more specialist equipment without the fear of their supplier going direct. With only one location and a small team, we do not have the capability to serve the UK end-user market never mind the whole of the EU, so we will work with exclusive partners in each country to supply them with the specialist pumps they need whether it is a low head 300mm Stage 5 Warrior sewage bypass pump for a city in Sweden, or a 500kw high pressure 10X8 unit for a refinery in Rouen, France.” Many of the new DXB Integrate rehire partners have bought into the philosophy and already ordered smaller 150mm and 200mm Warrior pumpsets that utilise the market leading Cornell sewage pumps with high efficiency rag-cutting impellers from DXB Pump & Power, the manufacturing arm of the group. This then allows them to rehire from DXB Integrate those larger higher flow and higher head pumpsets when they require them for bigger projects in their own markets without any fear of revenue leakage from other suppliers that already operate directly in their domestic market, this is especially the case in the UK. DXB Integrate has hired Kieran Gagg as its General Manager of the business which will be located in the Midlands some 200km away from the manufacturing plant in Suffolk, England. Kieran brings with him over twenty years of pump hire experience with some of the largest names in the market and has already implemented two other international rental roll out programmes over his career making him and perfect GM and shareholder partner in the company. He commented “The strategy was written many years ago when Simon and I worked together before and we always believed there was a large demand for a specialist, highly focused pump hire company, that had no interest in a multiple depot strategy or standard pumps used in day to day applications. We also knew there were many industrial equipment hire companies that worked on refineries or complex end user locations without the specialist pumpsets, so by opening DXB Integrate, we will work in partnership with those equipment hire companies and support them in the background with specialist pumpsets, accessories and technical solutions.”