The BVOP is an axial propeller pump of superior quality, showcasing impressive performance, high-grade construction, and a comparatively low noise level.

Drawing on its extensive experience, the BVOP pump was developed for efficiently discharging water from and/or managing water levels in polders and low-lying areas. It is also designed to supply make-up water to canals with locks and areas at higher altitudes during dry periods.


Key Features

This pump is available in seven standard modules, offering capacities ranging from 12 to 360 m³/minute and a delivery head of approximately 10 meters. Its design incorporates a preformed suction chamber with adjustable impeller blades and a spiral guide within a generously-sized concrete volute, achieving an optimal flow pattern with minimal losses and a spacious passage. As a result, the pump attains high efficiency while requiring only a shallow submersion depth.

Three impeller configurations are available for each pump size, ensuring optimal performance without the risk of harmful cavitation or vibration zones.

The selection of the most suitable pump type for a specific application is determined through CAS (Computer Aided Selection). It considers factors such as the specified duty point (flow/delivery head), minimum and maximum static delivery heads, the location of the optimum efficiency point, NPSH, and more.

After making a selection, the CAS system provides the calculated pump curve and the desired guarantee point.


Bosman Watermanagement supplied the BVOP pump to projects like the Pilmuir pumping station, addressing flood management in the Pilmuir area. The BVOP pump was also utilized in the construction of the Houtkade pumping station in the pilder near Oud-Kamerik. For detailed information and images about these projects and more, refer to the ‘Projects’ section.